Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. Theodore Levitt. Surfer's Journal


Our goal is simple... to create, produce and deliver superior products for our customers, every time, on time, without fail. From our early days in 1980 as a film prep house, to our current emphasis on global procurement solutions, we have provided clients with our signature quality and service. Beginning with our client's needs, we craft exceptional solutions designed to meet their goals. We know quality and service do not have to cost more; that is why they form the cornerstones of our effort on every project, for every client. When our clients succeed, we succeed.


Without gilding the lily, it is safe to say that we have earned our knowledge... the hard way. We earned it by living, breathing and thinking printing for most of the years that we have been alive. Our employees, graduates from prestigious schools, such as Anderson Lithograph, Graphic Press, and Lithographix, to name a few, understand what it takes to produce quality work anywhere, any time.


Based in Los Angeles, adjacent to the 405 freeway, ICLA is conveniently located for ease of access. Whether we visit your office or you come to ours, travel time to most locations in greater Los Angeles is under 30 minutes. Come on down and browse our sample room, play indoor golf on Fridays and/or enjoy a cup of coffee. We are here for you, always.